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Recover Faster and Healthier with CLAYER.

The secret of many professional athletes in recovering faster is in using our ancestral remedies. We meet these needs, and more, with our pure, French green clay.  Top athletes worldwide, from X-Games riders to UFC fighters, use and recommend our products for the ability to accelerate the recovery time. From X-Games gold medalists to UFC fighters including World Champion athletes. Clayer products work or your money back!

Professional athletes who endorse Clayer

ADVENTURE CARE – From plants poison to bugs bite

$ 14.90

SKIN DETOX – Healthier Skin

$ 24.90

SURFERS RELIEF – To get back in the water faster

$ 19.90


$ 60.70 $ 49.90

Rub some dirt on it” they say

CLAYER is part of their lifestyle, what about you?

To excel at what you do, first and foremost is taking care of your body. We believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You are built to step out of your comfort zone and never give up. We are here to help you overcome injuries and prevent down time! This is why countless great riders and athletes, in different sports and around the world, have been part of Clayer.

Healthy products made in the USA.

Clayer offers products made with only healthy ingredients that are certified natural, non-toxic and are vegan. Our products are not made with any chemical, synthetic or harmful ingredients.

Sourced in France to maintain its natrual purity and quality, our green clay is naturally rich in minerals giving it its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. You will feel improvement from the first application and will notice a faster recovery.

active recovery
THE HANG OVER BLOCKER – No more next day headache

$ 5.90

KIDS CLAY CARE – For the booboos

$ 14.90

SKATEBOARDERS RECOVERY – #1 Pain Relief in Skateboarding

$ 14.95


$ 59.70 $ 49.90


$ 23.60 $ 19.90

About our Story


In the fall of 2015, Thibault “Tibs” Parise, a professional skateboarder from France, could not  find any green clay or similar products in ready-to-use form in the United States. He was frustrated, as he needed it to recover from injuries on the skateboard.

The healthy product that he was accustomed to (and well, that everyone uses in France), was not available. This is why he decided to create Clayer, focusing on quality, people and the future generation. He believes being in business is the opportunity to help others, and be able to leave a positive impact.

About our Products


Our French green clay comes from a particular place in France, situated halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Alps. This place is away from pollution, taking advantage of weather conditions specific to its location.  Our green clay gets all the benefits by avoiding the presence of heavy metals. With a purity of +80%, our French green clay is certified non-toxic and natural by Eco-Cert. We are proud to provide this unique green clay.

Almost forgot, our clay ingredients do not contain any heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic,… that is often found in small amounts in other clays.

 About our Mission


At Clayer, we want you to focus on your dreams and accomplish your goals. We believe you can accomplish everything you put your mind into, and we are helping you by providing the most efficient and healthy products.

It is also not only about you and your goals, but the World we live in as well, including others.

This is why we really do want to manufacture locally with eco-friendly packagings and providing the healthiest products possible.

Moving Forward together for a greater future!