When Vincent Milou learned that Tibs started Clayer, he contacted him to learn more and get a shot at trying the products. From day 1 of Clayer, Vincent was a supporter, a believer in Clayer. Here from Vincent, European Champion of skateboarding, in this short video of him speaking about Clayer.

Vincent Milou shares how he recovers faster and so do his friends.

Vincent Milou had been using Clayer since day one and had been sharing it with all the pro he is surrounded by. All of them, with no exceptions, says Clayer works better than anything else! We have been working on this product with Vincent Milou, and he mentioned that Jamie Foy loves Clayer and uses it everyday, so it would be great if he can be part of this skateboarder signature product.

Vincent Milou is a big reason why most the pro skateboarders use Clayer. The pros have been asking him what is this green stuff he puts on himself? Vincent responded Clayer and they needed to try because its like “magic”. And from there, it spreads and we have been stoked to receive positive feedbacks from all the pro-skaters.

Jamie Foy and Clayer were introduced to one another by Vincent Milou. Vincent was a then roommate of Jamie Foy and Zion Wright. Vincent currently resides in France and Jamie lives in Florida.

Great for:

  • Soreness
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Heel bruise
  • Sprain ligaments
  • Inflammation
  • Burns
  • Road rashes

You can find this Vincent Milou and Jamie Foy Signature product here