The expression rub some dirt has never been more accurate! With Clayer it is “rub some dirt” , it works or your money back!

All natural, non-toxic, chemical free, scientifically proven, tested and used by top athetes, this is the real deal, the dirt you want! Ready to get dirty to get  healthy?

This is the dirt everybody have been talking about, rub it and let it work for you!

CLAYER clay is very pure and naturally composed of:

– Bentonite Clay (has the property of adsorbing relatively large amounts of protein molecules from aqueous solutions).

IIllite Clay (is a group of closely related non-expanding clay minerals. Illite is a secondary mineral precipitate).

Kaolin Clay (acts as a protective coating for the mouth to decrease pain associated with radiation-induced damage).

You can find all the minerals composed in Clayer clay here with the descriptive of each mineral and what they do to your skin and body.

There is no heavy metal, Clayer Clay is certified 100% Natural and Non-Toxic by Eco-cert (French Certification Organization which work with USDA) 

Our products are Scientifically Proven on inflammation, used by Top-Athletes worldwide, Celebrities and Health Professionals (check out here).

Origin Location: France, between ocean and mountains in a volcanic area.

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13 reviews for ACTIVE RELIEF – Recover faster

  1. Jimmy

    Can’t put enough stars.. unbelievable product!

  2. Luke

    I don’t like the messiness, but it is worth it! Worth 15 minutes of your day to make you pain free! I wish there was some patches

  3. Kayleigh

    Just wow, I never used something like that! IT JUST WORKS!

  4. Joshua

    The tingling feeling on my back was super intense and for my ankle, it took the pain away within an hour and actually helped heal the injury, not a temporary fixed! VERY IMPRESSED!

  5. Alain

    My inflammation was noticeably reduced after the first application, blown away!

  6. Ashley Rose

    I absolutely love everything about this product! Found it thru a friend few months ago, can’t live without it anymore!!!! <3

  7. Mark

    I have used Clayer on several occasions, to help with bruised ribs or hips mostly. The relief I feel is noticeable, much more so than any other product I have used over the years.

  8. Angie

    I put it on for 20 minutes and washed it off! I haven’t had any pain since!!! Which is amazing to me! I have had static problem for 3 months 🙁 Stoked I am not feeling any pain right now!

  9. Brandon

    My bruises went away within few days! this product is like magic!

  10. Ryan

    I use that stuff everyday!

  11. Stephen

    The best! I have been using this product on my knee after the surgery of my ACL, the pain went away almost instantly and bruises were gone in less than a week! If I could give this product more stars, I would

  12. Jason

    Can’t believe how the inflammation went down! Some messiness when drying, but definitely worth it!

  13. Alex


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15 reviews for SKIN DETOX - Healthier Skin

  1. Jim

    The CLAYER face mask is life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly: It will get rid of your breakouts overnight and leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. I’ve used all kinds of overpriced, high-end products to make my skin glow, but they don’t even come close to comparing, and actually works much faster.

    Read More: The Best Vegan Face Mask to Prevent Acne and Leave You With Soft Skin | https://thebeet.com/the-best-vegan-face-mask-to-prevent-acne-and-leave-you-with-soft-skin/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

  2. Hayley

    simply amazing, my face feels like baby skin!

  3. Dom

    I use it with a bit of coconut oil, it is just magic! the best clay product I have ever used

  4. Giordannee

    I have suffered from cystic acne since hitting puberty. Birth control was the only thing that helped but, as with most drugs, caused other negative side effects.

    Just using the face mask twice last week, you can see such a dramatic improvement. Sincerely grateful

  5. Kim

    I told all of my girlfriends about it! And they all love it too! THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER

  6. Alicia

    This product is simply amazing!

  7. Linda

    I was skeptical because of the price, but when I read what’s in it, I said to myself, for $25 let’s try it! And OMG, the best $25 I have ever spent for my skin!

  8. Jessica M.

    Got this product through Walmart.com, I can’t believe how great it is for the price!!

  9. Gen

    The fact it is all natural and non-toxic I simply love it

  10. Lora

    Since I discovered this product, I don’t use anything else anymore!

  11. Kareen

    I used to have an oily skin, this clay somehow helped a lot! My skin feels amazing

  12. Julia

    OMG! The most amazing clay mask I’ve ever used! My skin was so soft after the application, it felt so good!!!!!

  13. Allison

    All of my girlfriends and I are using it! we all love it, this clay mask is fantastic!!!!

  14. Caitlin

    It helps a lot with my oily skin, and helped a lot with redness! it is definitely a must have!

  15. Jennifer

    My skin felt sooo GOOOODDDD after using this product, I could not believe it!

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