SKATEBOARDERS RECOVERY – #1 Pain Relief in Skateboarding

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► What’s CLAYER good for?

Clayer’s Skateboard injury relief absorbs Toxins and goes to work instantly to recover faster. Apply Clayer Muscle and joint pain to the Back, Neck, Knee, Hand, Foot, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Shin, Calf, Chronic Pain, Soreness, … And even heel bruised!

Clayer skateboard care works immediately by absorbing toxins, reducing inflammation by providing rich minerals such as silicon, calcium, iron,… to assist a faster and healthier recovery. Fact is, pro-skaters have noticed less pain on their muscle, joint, soreness, and more from the first application with experiencing a faster recovery time. All those facts are not only provided by top rider, also by health professional and scientifically proven.


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► Ate shit? Got a slam that made you stop skating? Use Clayer and land that trick! Ask Jamie Foy, Vincent Milou, and all the other skateboarders what they use to recover faster, and we are sure you will be back just right here.

► How does CLAYER work? Clayer’s Active relief does not mask the pain, it addresses his properties to the root of the problem by absorbing all the toxins, and providing essential minerals to assist healing and recovery time. CLAYER ingredients are scientifically proven for pain and inflammation! Tested on pro-athletes, not animals! To simply recover faster

► Is CLAYER Healthy? 100% Natural Ingredients / Made in the USA / Non-Greasy / Non-Toxic / Paraben-Free / NEVER Tested on Animals / Exclusive Ingredient. it is the healthiest natural pain relief on the market.

► Who is using CLAYER? Clayer Active Relief is used by Professional Athletes from all around the World. We are developing worldwide distribution as the demand is growing. All the professional athletes who have tried our natural pain relief say it is the best and most effective natural remedy they have ever used.

► Can I trust CLAYER products? Our ingredients have been through a lot of Research and Development by our suppliers. The green clay has been used for centuries in France and Europe as a natural pain relief, so we are proud to bring it to the USA.

► What’s my guarantee with CLAYER? If you don’t see any healing improvement using CLAYER after the first few days, we will give you your money back!

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20 reviews for SKATEBOARDERS RECOVERY – #1 Pain Relief in Skateboarding

  1. Alex

    That stuff really works!

  2. CJ

    Worked great on my heel bruise!

  3. Tom

    I had knee pain for a while, I’ve been using this once a day everyday, man, it’s day and night! my knee feels like new!

  4. Jon

    Twisted my ankle, got back on my board in a week! Like no joke!

  5. Trent

    I was curious as everybody talked about it! Blown away how it helps!

  6. james

    This stuff is legit! I’ve had shoulder issues (bad rotator cuffs) for years but when I use Clayer it takes the pain alway fast! Love it! I’ve used it on sore muscles multiple times, soreness gone. Love that it purifies the skin as well. Thanks!

  7. Louis

    This stuff is awesome. I’ve always been skeptical of holistic healing but I tried this stuff after it was recommended by a friend and I gotta say it works! I’ve used it for skin issues and minor pain relief

  8. Liam

    It worked great on my back pain, there was no icy/hot feeling, just a weird tightening sensation, but when after rinsing off in the shower, the pain was totally gone! like couldn’t feel pain at all! IMPRESSIVE

  9. Alicia

    I don’t know how, but it works better than anything else I have ever tried before!!!!

  10. Jonny

    I use this on everything now! It’s amzing what it can do

  11. Alex

    Dude! that shit work crazy

  12. Erik

    You have to try to believe it! seriously

  13. David

    I wish the tube was bigger

  14. Bill

    Better than everything I tried before

  15. Danny

    I always carry it with me, that stuff works like crazy! you don’t the hot or cold like a cream, but after using it, I noticed the pain was gone!!!!

  16. Rogie

    Just great! could add a star if possible

  17. Leo

    I would have never thought a product could do this! mind blowing

  18. Ron

    Throw away everything pain relief and use this, it works like nothing else

  19. Bill

    Use it on my knee every day after skate. no soreness or pain the next day! this keep me going!

  20. Erin

    I use this all the time after a skate session! this stuff is just incredible!

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