Warrior Pack – 3x Active Natural relief

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The Warrior PACK for those who are pushing their limits every day to be the best!

Because we simply want to make your pain an experience from the past, and help you keep moving forward!

The #1 Natural Pain Relief approved by professional athletes helps you with chronic pain, soreness, muscle and joint pain, inflammation, sprain and strain ligaments, and so on. Pro-athletes who are using CLAYER all agree that our Natural Pain Relief makes them go back to action faster and noticed less pain from the first application with an improvement of healing time.

Our muscle and joint pain relief has been helping thousands of athletes from all around the world to recover faster!

So if your experience with our natural pain relief does not reduce your pain and you do not notice a faster healing, we will give you your money back!

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The Warrior Pack for those who always push their limits is composed of a 3x Active Natural relief to never run out of your favorite product and get the best natural relief! We know being injured is frustrating, and we have been helping thousands of athletes from all around the world, to recover faster! They feel better from the first application and are pleased to keep using it. Definitely the best natural relief according to them! Clayer has the healthiest products on the market. With 100% Natural, Non-Toxic, Vegan, Chemical free ingredients. Are you ready to make pain an experience from the past? Keep moving forward and get the best natural relief.


What’s CLAYER good for?

Active Natural relief absorbs Toxins and goes to work instantly. Apply Clayer Muscle and joint pain to the Back, Neck, Knee, Hand, Foot, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Shin, Calf, Chronic Pain, Soreness, etc.

How does CLAYER work?

Active Natural relief does not mask the pain, it addresses his properties to the root of the problem by absorbing all the toxins, and providing essential minerals to assist healing and recovery time. CLAYER ingredients are scientifically proven for pain and inflammation!

Tested on pro-athletes, not animals!

Is CLAYER Healthy?

100% Natural Ingredients / Vegan / Made in the USA / Non-Greasy / Non-Toxic / Paraben-Free / NEVER Tested on Animals / Exclusive Ingredient.

it is the healthiest natural pain relief on the market.

Who is using CLAYER?

Clayer natural relief is used by Professional Athletes from all around the World. We are developing worldwide distribution as the demand is growing. All the professional athletes who have tried our natural pain relief say it is the best and most effective natural remedy they have ever used.

Can I trust CLAYER products?

Our ingredients have been through a lot of Research and Development by our suppliers. The green clay has been used for centuries in France and Europe as a natural pain relief, so we are proud to bring it to the USA.

What’s my guarantee with CLAYER?

If you don’t see any healing improvement using CLAYER after the first few days, we will give you your money back!


  • Apply a generous layer on the skin.
  • Let the clay dry out (about 10 to 15 minutes) on your skin.
  • Then rinse with clean water when dried.
  • Apply once to twice a day.


Soreness, Sprains, Inflammation, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Muscular Pain,…


French Green Clay (composed of illite, kaolin and montmorillonite clays), Alkaline Water, sodium  hydroxymethylglycinate and Capsaicin.

9 reviews for Warrior Pack – 3x Active Natural relief

  1. Gavin Beschen

    This stuff is amazing, and my kids love it too! Mahalo, give thanks!

  2. William

    I have been using the Green Clay for a while, which is pretty common from where I am from (France) and got really happy when I saw that Clayer was available in the US. I bought the CLAYER Face & Body Mask and the CLAYER Muscle and Joint Pain Relief and got really stoked about the products! I use it every time after my soccer games to heal inflammation, muscle or bone bruises. This product is amazing and I have been recommending this product to all my friends and family!

  3. Julian

    Useful product. I used on my feet after an injury, I felt better after couple applications.

  4. Morgann

    I used The Clayers for the first time a few month ago and were really impressed with the result, I love extreme sports (motocross,bmx…) and healing well and quickly is very important in order to enjoy those sports as much as possible! The Clayers definitelly helped and I highly recommend trying it!

  5. Scott

    My bruises went away faster than usually. I play paintball with my friends, and this product really helps!

  6. Matt Peterson

    “It works better than everything else I have tried before, I don’t know how I lived without this before! Clayer is a blessing”

  7. Kenn

    This is the real deal!

  8. John

    It’s good!

  9. Nikki Scamardella

    So I recently got diagnosed with this rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It has to do with mutation in the collagen gene and hypermobility is the worst in all joints besides the constant pain or other medical problems bc of all systems affected. Always tearing and straining muscles, tendons, and ligaments pretty much daily trying to keep my jelly
    Joints stable. I hadn’t been able to walk on my right foot for weeks and lost my clay but finally found it! Wow what a difference! I’m gonna share this with all my fellow EDS people. Apparently, according to my rheumatologist, some of the best athletes have Ehlers. This is something that can help many of us on a daily basis. So thank you!

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