ADVENTURE CARE – From plants poison to bugs bite

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► Go on adventure and looking for a “healing everything product” ?

Clayer Adventure Care has a travel size format to be easy to always have it with you wherever you go on a trip. Perfect for poison ivy, oaks, sumac and more including bugs bites!

His composition with Zinc helps the immune system fights off invading bacteria and viruses, which makes it a great product to assist the healing and sooth all skin reactions from plants to bugs.

We call it Clay-Aid because he simply protects while it helps healing the skin reactions.

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► What’s CLAYER Adventure Care good for?

Clayer Adventure Care goes to work instantly to protect skin conditions from plants to bugs and help to heal faster, reducing itchiness, redness,…Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac and bugs bites.

► Is CLAYER Healing Clay healthy?

100% Natural Ingredients / Made in the USA / Non-Greasy / Non-Toxic / Paraben-Free / NEVER Tested on Animals / Exclusive Ingredient.

► Who is using CLAYER?

Clayer is used by multiple influencers worldwide and the demand is growing everyday.

► Can I trust CLAYER products?

Our ingredients have been through a lot of Research and Development by our supplier. It has been used for centuries in France and Europe and we are proud to bring it to the USA.

 What’s my guarantee with CLAYER?

If you don’t see any healing improvement using CLAYER after the first few days, we will give you your money back!

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6 reviews for ADVENTURE CARE – From plants poison to bugs bite

  1. Kate

    This is the only product that worked on the ivy I got, my friend recommended to me Clayer, and I said why not! I can’t tell you how much this green stuff helped! I carry the product with me all the time now!

  2. Josh

    OMG! I don’t use to leave a review, but for this product, I had to! It works amazing on bugs bites, seriously, 5 minutes and it was no more itchy and it reduces the inflammation! crazy!!!!!

  3. Tyler

    Recently I contacted poison ivy it’s on my face it covers both arms stomach and I have patch’s all over my body. I applied the clay healthily over each area and I promise it is far and wide the most effective product I’ve ever used I am a landscaper and I swear by it. Thank you Clayer for your product is nothing short of a magical miracle.

  4. Allison

    I tried it because they say money back if it doesn’t work…well IT WORKED AMAZING on my poison oaks. couldn’t believe it!

  5. Hayleigh

    I cary the product with me all the time now, I use it on everything! So amazed

  6. Al

    What can’t you say about it?

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