Family Pack – 3 Products

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The perfect combo for the whole family and get everybody healthy!

1 Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

1 Face and Body Mask

1 Kids Care!

In everything we do, we only use Non-Toxic, 100% Natural, Vegan and Chemical free ingredients. Everything is manufactured in the USA with some ingredients imported from France.

Plus all of our packagings are made from recycled plastic!

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The Family pack to make sure you have everything for your family and yourself. Everything is made with the best clay available on the market! We know kids are always exploring, testing their own abilities and trying new things. We also know, as an active person it is frustrating to be injured! And also having an healthy skin is important. We have developed this 3 pack of the best clay for you and your family. We want to make sure to keep you moving forward.  We have a very healthy products, because everybody’s health matter.

Non Toxic – 100% Natural – Does not sting – Vegan – Made in USA

Our is the purest and most unique in the world, when we say best clay, we mean it!

How do CLAYER products work?

Clayer products absorb Toxins and go to work instantly. Apply Clayer to the affected areas or skin to feel the benefits of the best clay in the world. Scientifically Proven, certified 100% natural, non-toxic and from France, Clayer provides the healthiest green product on the market..

► Are CLAYER products healthy?

 100% Natural Ingredients / Made in the USA / Non-Greasy / Non-Toxic / Paraben-Free / NEVER Tested on Animals / Exclusive Ingredient. The healthiest kids care available on the market.

Can I trust CLAYER products?

Our ingredients have been through a lot of Research and Development by our supplier. It has been used for centuries in France and Europe as a personal care product, so we are proud to bring the best clay to the U.S.A. Because your health matters to keep moving forward

What’s my guarantee with CLAYER?

If you don’t see any healing improvement using CLAYER after the first few days, we will give you your money back!


“I love everything about it, those products are incredible, for my skin and to take care of my injuries! <3”

Kristy, active athlete

Additional information

Weight 0.430 kg


  • Apply a generous layer on the skin.
  • Let the clay dry out (about 10 to 15 minutes) on the skin.
  • Then rinse with clean water when dried.
  • Apply once to twice a day.


  • Pain Relief: Inflammation, muscular pain, joint pain, bruises, arthritis,…
  • Kids: Blemishes, redness, irritation, discomfort, aches and other booboos
  • Face and body mask: to detoxify, smooth, and clears blemishes to make your skin healthier.


100% Natural French Green Clay (composed of illite, kaolin and montmorillonite clays), Alkaline Water.

3 reviews for Family Pack – 3 Products

  1. Beau

    Great product. It really helped in the healing of my ankle after I rolled it mountain biking. Thanks Clayer!!

  2. jose

    This is definitely the best pack ever! My wife loves the body mask! And I’m stoked on the pain relief, the inflammation on my knee went down in 20minutes, I could not believe it!

  3. Barry T

    My wife had some painful bug bites and Clayer helped them heal very quickly! I love this stuff! Great for my sore ankles after hiking too!

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