Our Commitment for natural remedies

Because we think about your health and well-being as well as the environment and ecology, we take commitments and provide you with natural remedies.


All our ingredients are 100% Natural or Organic certified.

Because we are talking about natural remedies, by definition it has to be made with natural ingredients. Why Green clay is not organic? Green clay is like water, it is made with minerals, by definition it can not be Organic, but only natural. Our French Green Clay ingredient is registered 100% Natural by Cosmos ECO-CERT, the highly respected French independent certification agency for environmental sustainability. Ecocert is accredited by the USDA.


We work hard to make sure all the ingredients we use in our natural remedies are non-toxic. We definitely don’t want your skin to be absorbing compounds that are toxic.

This is why Clayer chose certified non-toxic natural remedies.

Our French Green Clay ingredient is registered Non-Toxic by Cosmos ECO-CERT.

Chemical Free

A lot of companies in the industry are using chemicals and ingredients that are not made by nature. We are concerned about what we feed our body with, so it’s natural for us to provide you products from our Mother Earth. We want to be sure you do not use toxics and/or dangerous products that are not originally made for our health. That is why we do not make cream,

Also, we don’t use any artificial colors or preservatives, no fragrance, no paraben, no aluminum either. We want you to have the healthiest natural remedies for your skin.

Non GMOs

All of our products are not made with Genetically Modified Organisms.

Natural remedies should never contain GMO ingredients.

At Clayer we are committed to helping others by providing the best natural remedies by eliminating Genetically Modified Organisms.


All of our packaging is eco-friendly. We love our planet and we do not want to contribute to make it worse. We will not use individual paper box because we are concerned about saving our trees.

Our packaging is made from recyclable plastic.

At Clayer your natural remedies will always be eco-friendly.


We do not use anything from animals.

We do not test any of our products on animals.

Because we value all lives this is our commitment to you as our customer. We will never involve the use of animals in any of our natural remedies.

Alcohol Free

Using our products on open cuts or on skin injuries will not sting . You can use water before applying the paste on your skin to facilitate the healing. The French Green Clay is known to kill bacterias, hence no alcohol is needed. The kids won’t cry anymore !

Made in the U.S.A

We want to take ingredients from the places where we know they are the best. OPur French Green Clay comes from France, our packaging from overseas as well but we are proudly manufacturing in the U.S.A. It is important that we manufacture your natural remedies locally to support jobs in the U.S.A.

So, when we say “made in the U.S.A.” we mean making the finished product from formulas mixed and packed together in San Diego, California.

Your Satisfaction

If our products do not deliver the result expected, we give you your money back.

We are in business to help people and it is natural, if our products do not help you, to simply give you your money back.

Satisfaction guarantee or money back, it’s simple as it should be.

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