French Green Clay, a skincare with multiple health benefits.

Clayer products made with green clay are suitable for all skin types. Whether you have oily, combination skin, eczema or psoriasis problems, our treatment can help you. We are always looking to share our expertise through our products to improve your health. With our skin care products made with our french green clay, you will be able to make those small imperfections of your skin go away. Our green clay is in ready to use form, so use it the way is best for you, from a mask, a poultice or as a scrub, to make your skin look and feel  healthier.

Erase all imperfections with our french green clay treatment.

Moving forward since 2016

Our ready-to-use green clay paste has incredible healing properties. With its unique composition of minerals and elements, Clayer french green clay helps provide what’s essential for a healthier skin.

Containing no chemicals and no heavy metals like many other clays in the market, Clayer green clay does not cause skin reactions unlike other products. 

You may experience some minor redness for a few minutes only, which is evidence of your skin breathing and toxins being absorbed.

Our French green clay is naturally composed of illite clay, kaolin and Montmorillonite (known as Bentonite). 

Clayer skin care is a loyal partner in fighting skin inflammation, sebum regulation, reduction of marks and scars, or reducing the effects of eczema and psoriasis.

Regain confidence in yourself. Treat yourself with Clayer and move forward.


Facial Mask 

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“I have suffered from cystic acne since hitting puberty. Birth control was the only thing that helped but, as with most drugs, caused other negative side effects.

Just using the face mask twice last week, you can see such a dramatic improvement. Sincerely grateful” @Giordannee


Our green clay treatment is perfect as a face mask. It can be used to purify your skin in the case of blackheads, oily skin or traces, and will definitely help erasing those small skin imperfections.

How does Clayer green clay work as a facemask?

– Sebum regulation: the absorbency of our green clay captures and fixes impurities in your skin. It also helps regulate sebum secretion, or that naturally produced oil lubricant for your skin/hair. No more oily or shiny skin and no more blackheads.

– Revitalizer: The minerals, like iron, contained in our french green clay strengthen your skin cells while the drying phase of green clay promotes the tightening of your skin pores.

– Antioxidant: Thanks to the presence of rich minerals in our unique green clay, it slows down the premature aging of your cells and reduces the effects of time, such as wrinkles and ‘over the years’ expression marks.

– Softener: The kaolin clay found in our green clay exerts a micro-exfoliation to restore your skin’s radiance and softness.

Eczema and psoriasis symptoms

Clayer skin care is an anti-inflammatory and a natural antiseptic. If you have psoriasis or eczema, our green clay is most likely going to help you.

How does our ready-to-use green clay paste work?

  • Composed of Magnesium and Potassium, Clayer’s two essential minerals offer an amazing anti-inflammatory treatment. Skin rashes related to eczema or psoriasis are caused by inflammation of the skin will be fought by those two minerals.

  • Chromium is a mineral found in green clay that promotes the production of proteins to help cells regenerate.

  • Absorbing power: the absorbing power of green clay helps to purify the affected areas of your skin. Our green clay absorbs toxins and helps to heal plaque buildup and pimples related to eczema or psoriasis.

How to use our clay: The best way is to make poultices, or small masses, of clay over the wound or area, and let it dry out. Some people like to wrap the poultice in a damp cloth until the clay is completely dry.

Body Mask For Your Skin

When using our green clay as a mask there are a lot of benefits for your skin. In addition to purifying, our green clay is also sebum-regulating, which means it helps to rebalance the secretion of sebum; No more oily skin!

Why is Clayer green clay cosmetic care great for hair?

Sebum regulation: the absorbency of green clay captures and corrects impurities in your scalp. It also helps regulate sebum secretion. No more oily scalp or hair. 

Softener: The kaolin presents in our skin care exerts a micro-scrub.

If your skin is lacking in dynamism, the illite clay contained in our green clay helps you regain healthy and glowing skin. In addition to removing impurities, this very soft clay gives a boost to your devitalized skin.

No need to waste time mixing powder with water. Our green clay paste is ready to use. To make your green clay mask you simply need to apply it directly on the desired area and massage it gently into the skin. Easy and efficient.

Using our natural healing products?

15 reviews for SKIN DETOX - Healthier Skin

  1. Jim

    The CLAYER face mask is life-changing, and I don’t say that lightly: It will get rid of your breakouts overnight and leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. I’ve used all kinds of overpriced, high-end products to make my skin glow, but they don’t even come close to comparing, and actually works much faster.

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  2. Hayley

    simply amazing, my face feels like baby skin!

  3. Dom

    I use it with a bit of coconut oil, it is just magic! the best clay product I have ever used

  4. Giordannee

    I have suffered from cystic acne since hitting puberty. Birth control was the only thing that helped but, as with most drugs, caused other negative side effects.

    Just using the face mask twice last week, you can see such a dramatic improvement. Sincerely grateful

  5. Kim

    I told all of my girlfriends about it! And they all love it too! THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER

  6. Alicia

    This product is simply amazing!

  7. Linda

    I was skeptical because of the price, but when I read what’s in it, I said to myself, for $25 let’s try it! And OMG, the best $25 I have ever spent for my skin!

  8. Jessica M.

    Got this product through Walmart.com, I can’t believe how great it is for the price!!

  9. Gen

    The fact it is all natural and non-toxic I simply love it

  10. Lora

    Since I discovered this product, I don’t use anything else anymore!

  11. Kareen

    I used to have an oily skin, this clay somehow helped a lot! My skin feels amazing

  12. Julia

    OMG! The most amazing clay mask I’ve ever used! My skin was so soft after the application, it felt so good!!!!!

  13. Allison

    All of my girlfriends and I are using it! we all love it, this clay mask is fantastic!!!!

  14. Caitlin

    It helps a lot with my oily skin, and helped a lot with redness! it is definitely a must have!

  15. Jennifer

    My skin felt sooo GOOOODDDD after using this product, I could not believe it!

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