Our Story

In the fall of 2015, Thibault ‘Tibs’ Parise, a professional skateboarder from France, attempted to locate french green clay in the States to aid in recovery of his injuries. Like Tibs, his fellow Frenchmen and women have relied on this remedy for centuries for countless injuries and pain.

The CLAYER creation

Moving forward since 2016

Travelling all around the world, getting exposure from magazines, blogs,… from different medias, Tibs decided to move in San Diego, California in 2013. He got a professional athlete VISA to live his dream of being a professional skateboarder in the United States and being surrounded by the top riders.

Tibs soon realized there was no french green clay available to aid his pain in a ready-to-use form. So his mission began to provide french green clay products to his friends and fellow athletes in need of real results.

Clayer is proud to present an amazing natural alternative french green clay to enhance one’s active lifestyle by the end of 2015.

Tibs received positive and great feedback from people wanted more french green clay and this is why Clayer brand officially started in January 2016.

Trusted and recommended by professional athletes worldwide

Clayer is today used by most of the top professional skateboarders, top surfers, UFC fighters, top rugby players, bikers, and other athletes from all around the world.


The green clay was the only product that helped Tibs moving forward in his athletic career after injuries. Green clay has been known to provide relief for many more athletes also. Tibs goal was to bring awareness of this “miracle green clay”’ in the U.S.A. to help as many people as he could.

Along the years in business, Tibs welcomed partners in the brand with the same vision, the vision to make quality and healthy products to help others recover and feel better.

At Clayer, we believe being a brand is having the opportunity to provide the best products with the choice of selecting what is best for the consumers, but also for the planet and the future.

We believe it is not about the money, not about being better than the competition, but leaving a positive impact and helping others. You can check out more about our vision here and our commitment to the world and how we provide the best products with our green clay..

Everyday Clayer is committed to providing you the best natural remedies available.

We are not about being better than our competition, we focus on doing the best we can for you, the planet and the future generations.

We work with professionals who want to leave a positive impact and help us accomplish our mission, not only from our suppliers, but also athletes including partners and employees.


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