We have been sharing a lot of photos of Gavin and his kids, and there are a lot of reasons why he is a partner of Clayer!

  • Clayer Founder, Tibs Parise, and Gavin Beschen are long-time teammates thru Sector 9 skateboards. When Tibs started Clayer back in 2016, Gavin was the first surfer he reached out to.
  • When you talk to Gavin about living a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly products, one thing is sure: he is IN without a doubt. Gavin Beschen is all about living healthy while maintaining and taking care of our mother land.
  • Clayer products have been helping him and his kids recover faster in all sorts of injuries, calling our product the “Magic Mud”.

Watch this video below and get to know Gavin and his family:

Aloha vibes with Gavin Beschen

Gavin Beschen is a true inspiration for us. Both as a surfer and father, he is always grateful with a positive outlook on life, no matter what’s going on. He is definitely a “giver”.

Truth is, if Clayer is well-known in Hawaii, it is simply due to Gavin’s credit, having been spreading Clayer love everywhere, from the Volcom house to his fellow friends including Jack Johnson, the Fletchers family and beyond.

We are very stoked to know Gavin uses and shares his Clayer with family and friends, and this is why we are extremely proud to support him with this Surfer Care product.

TEAMMATE: Gavin Beschen

LIVES IN: Hawaii


CHILDREN: Marley and Banyan Beschen

If you are looking for a product to deal with surf injuries, soreness or a simple care for your skin, according to Gavin Beschen and Nathan Fletcher, this product is a no-brainer!

Surfers Relief available here!