You have a question ? We have the answer:

Are our products safe ?

Yes, our products are safe. You can find here our document about safety of our main ingredient – click here– The product can be eaten with no after effect, and no risk on your health.

Can I use Clayer too much ?

You can never use it too much, there are no chemicals, nothing toxic in our products, so feel free to use it if you have wounds or skin issues !

Can I apply on open skin ?

Yes you can! You won’t need to take off Clayer on the open area, it will work like a scab to protect it from bacterias. And it does not sting.

Should I leave the paste on my skin when it dried out ?

When the clay is dried, the treatment is over, you can brush it over or rinse with water. However leaving the dried clay on your skin won’t do anything bad for you, but it may feel uncomfortable.

Should I apply a lot of paste ?

If you have inflammation or you have swollen joints, do not hesitate to spread a thick amount of clay over it, enough to cover the skin, no need to rub. Just because the more you put, the more it will absorb, and it will take more time to dry out, so it will heal better.

But you can’t really apply too much, the more you apply, the longer it will take to dry out. That’s it. So it’s actually better.

How long can I keep the product after opening it?

The French green clay is a resource from earth, it does not expire, the only thing that can happen is it will dry out. In this case you won’t be able to use it, unless you mix it with water and make it like a paste.

Also as long as the paste is not put in contact with metal, the paste will continue to work great!

How should I take the paste off my skin ?

We suggest to use clear water to rinse the paste off your skin. But do not throw it away in a sink (or shower), you don’t want to clog pipes.

Why is there water coming out of the tube ?

There is water coming out because we don’t use preservatives.Natural clay and water seperate from each other. That is why we suggest to shake and press the tube while closed, before using it.

Should I ask my doctor before using a Clayer product ?

You don’t need to ask a doctor before using our products. But it is always recommended to see a doctor and talk about a product before use. Because an advice from a professional is always valuable. Also if you experience any issues, you should get in touch with your medical provider. And please, let us know as well, we would like to know about it.

Can I use the paste on my pets ?

Yes, you can. But our products for pets are made more specifically for them, so we suggest you order those ones for them instead of using your own.

When is it not necessary to use ?

If you have no issues with your skin, no wounds and have a perfect health ! We all wish to be like that 🙂

Also, if you experience issues while using Clayer products, you definitey should stop using our products and see a doctor. If it is the case, please let us know, we would like to have your feedback, experience, and know what happened. But we do not know anybody yet that experienced problems with French Green Clay.

What if I am not satisfied ?

If you are not satisfied about our products, you should contact us, give us your feedback about your experience and we will refund you in the first  30 days after the purchase date.