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Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, Clayer helps you recover faster. Because no matter what your level is, there is nothing more frustrating than an injury that keeps you from the love of the sport. We believe that nothing should prevent you from practicing your favorite sport or reaching your goals. This is why we offer this efficient, effective, and healthy product.

Recover faster and naturally with our products.

Moving forward depuis 2016

Our ready-to-use green clay has incredible curative properties, using its unique composition of minerals that provide for a faster recovery time.

Non-toxic and chemical free, Clayer’s green clay does not cause any side effects unlike some other drugs and treatments on the market.

Our French green clay is naturally composed of illite clay, koalin and bentonite clays. Our sports care line will be a faithful partner in your progress. We have found success in the product’s treatment and relief in injuries and pain, handling and treating inflammations, sprains, aches, the sensation of heavy legs, and soreness.

Treat yourself with Clayer and keep moving forward!

A Healthy Choice

Clayer treatment is perfect if you love outdoor sports. Our exclusive green clay paste can be used as an anti-bacterial poultice (or, soft, moist natural material applied to body to relieve soreness or inflammation). In the event of a minor cut or wound, the Clayer sports treatment is the product to have!

How does Clayer work on your wounds?

– Stop the bleeding: much like a bandage, our green clay contains Calcium, reducing the bleeding of your wound, assisting the blood to clot. 

– Anti-bacterial: Clayer assists in protecting the wound and keeping it healthy by isolating it from outside bacteria.

– Absorbent: Thanks to its high Zinc content, our green clay absorbs the toxins and bacteria to avoid infection.

– Healing: The properties of bentonite green clay promotes wound healing.

    Anti-inflammatory properties

    Clayer sports care is a natural anti-inflammatory is powerful. If you suffer from muscle aches, sprains or inflammation, our green clay is for you.

    How does our ready-to-use green clay paste work? Naturally rich in Potassium, our green clay regulates the contraction of muscles to relieve pain.

    Chromium is a trace element present in green clay which promotes the production of proteins to help the muscle to regenerate.

    Composed of Magnesium and Potassium, its two associated minerals offer an anti-inflammatory treatment and faster muscle regeneration.

    How to use our product: The best way is to make poultices of clay and let it dry.

    Absorbing properties

    The pain related to blows, hematomas or edemas is a suffering that we want to reduce as quickly as possible. our clay treatment is designed to promote the drainage of hematomas and edema. How does Clayer’s skincare reduce hematomas and edemas?

    Anti-inflammatory: has an anti-inflammatory effect particularly suitable for reducing edema and hematomas.

    Pain reliever: As a hot poultice, this ability is particularly useful as an analgesic to treat pain such as osteoarticular pain

    Draining: Minerals and trace elements like Manganese and Copper promotes blood flow to drain bruises, hematomas and edemas. In two hours of immediate placement of a poultice the hematoma resolves but it is necessary to continue to apply clay poultices for several days.

    Are you already using Clayer to recover?

    13 reviews for ACTIVE RELIEF – Recover faster

    1. Jimmy

      Can’t put enough stars.. unbelievable product!

    2. Luke

      I don’t like the messiness, but it is worth it! Worth 15 minutes of your day to make you pain free! I wish there was some patches

    3. Kayleigh

      Just wow, I never used something like that! IT JUST WORKS!

    4. Joshua

      The tingling feeling on my back was super intense and for my ankle, it took the pain away within an hour and actually helped heal the injury, not a temporary fixed! VERY IMPRESSED!

    5. Alain

      My inflammation was noticeably reduced after the first application, blown away!

    6. Ashley Rose

      I absolutely love everything about this product! Found it thru a friend few months ago, can’t live without it anymore!!!! <3

    7. Mark

      I have used Clayer on several occasions, to help with bruised ribs or hips mostly. The relief I feel is noticeable, much more so than any other product I have used over the years.

    8. Angie

      I put it on for 20 minutes and washed it off! I haven’t had any pain since!!! Which is amazing to me! I have had static problem for 3 months 🙁 Stoked I am not feeling any pain right now!

    9. Brandon

      My bruises went away within few days! this product is like magic!

    10. Ryan

      I use that stuff everyday!

    11. Stephen

      The best! I have been using this product on my knee after the surgery of my ACL, the pain went away almost instantly and bruises were gone in less than a week! If I could give this product more stars, I would

    12. Jason

      Can’t believe how the inflammation went down! Some messiness when drying, but definitely worth it!

    13. Alex


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